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Enhance Competitiveness in Team Building Activities


In this globalized world, competitiveness is the key behind the success of any organization. Today’s highly dynamic global market demands competitiveness not only in products, but also in services and most importantly in teams as well. Most of the companies stress on team cohesiveness and interaction and a competitive spirit is kept on the sidelines. However, it can be the single most differentiating factor behind the effectiveness of your team and the rest of the corporate domain. Motivation, discipline and adequate support are the key ingredients for team competitiveness. Team building experiences and activities are a good platform for increasing that spirit.

Four ways to enhance competitiveness in team building activities:

1. Set the tone

Set the tone beforehand while conducting a team building activity. While the majority of the participants view activities as all fun and pleasure, make them understand that competitiveness is also a major component in the team building exercise. Setting up a definition which is specific will help the participants align more with the company’s mission, vision and values.

2. Initiate the initiative

Exhort the participating team to take the initiative in every team building exercise. You can even reward teams who take the first initiative; People who have killer spirit usually take the initiative in any projects, work or tasks. Once participating teams are induced to take the initiative, they will automatically get the courage to take the initiative. There are many team building activities practiced by reputed institutions that design activities which foster taking initiatives.

3. Set expectations

To inculcate the spirit of competitiveness, it is preferable to set clear cut expectations. Setting up crystal clear prospects will allow the teams to narrow down their focus and concentration. This will improve your team’s productivity and competitiveness. Setting expectations is also one of the basic fundamentals of effective teams. This will also enhance the consistency of purpose and encourage efficient utilization of vital resources like people, time and money.

4. Teach to handle conflicts

Excessive competitiveness can give rise to increased conflicts. It is up to you to teach the participants the best ways to manage conflicts, both internal and external. This is important as in the spirit of competitiveness. You can teach your team to stay cordial and manage criticisms through the help of team building activities. Put them in a situation that challenges their team spirit. It is best to arrange an off-site team building program and give the employees an opportunity to interact and bond. Trekking could be a nice team building program in Lonavla. In the backdrop of scenic locations, let the employees come together and face a challenge as a team.

Forex Trading in Times of Deflation


Currently, there is a lot of talk about deflation. It hasn’t really happened yet… but there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. We all know what inflation is, but what is deflation?

There are two types of deflation: the good kind and the bad kind. The good kind happens when prices decrease due to improvements in productivity, either though technology and/or lower cost of production. The bad kind of deflation is when the lack of demand forces margin squeeze. The lower demand eventually means lay-offs and demand decreases even more. And it spirals down from there. To pull out of an era of deflation is much harder and takes longer than handling an inflationary period.

We could say that the growth of globalization and technology has been the main reason that prices look like they are very contained if not decreasing in real terms. The catchword is “low-flation”. However, there is another factor that can exacerbate deflation. It’s called a “liquidity trap.”

A liquidity trap is when interest rates are so low that there is little motivation for people to invest in certain instruments such as bonds. Indeed, investors feel that interest rates will soon rise and they hold-off buying and providing capital to the financial system. Of course, Central Bank monetary largesse has pumped trillions into bond buying and that has driven interest rates even lower. What investors would buy negative yielding bonds?

The liquidity trap doesn’t apply to Central Banks… or does it? Most doomsday Monetarists felt that Quantitative Easing would bring about high rates of inflation but that hasn’t happened. Inflation is generally too much money chasing too few goods. The reason there hasn’t been inflation is that the trillions of dollars from Quantitative Easing have just been recirculating in the regulated financial system and not chasing goods but pumping up stock prices. Also, banks aren’t lending to anyone but the most credit worthy.

OK that’s the simplistic look at the current situation. No inflation to speak of and stagnating unemployment. So, we could say that we are experiencing mostly productivity based price containment, not deflation in the bad sense. All that said, what if the right decisions coming out of the Fed or the ECB can’t stimulate economies? How does a Forex trader trade in a deflationary environment?

Here’s my take based on thirty-five years of trading. By recirculating excess money supply and not letting it loose in the consumption sector, there will probably be more downward pressure on margins. However, there is high demand in emerging world markets. In an effort to boost domestic jobs and production, there may be a race to devalue the currencies for the purpose of pumping up exports. It’s already happening in Japan. However, if every exporting nation does that all at once, there is the danger of a slack tide grounding all boats. But that would take a while and then we would come face-to-face with worldwide “bad” deflation; that would be bad news and a probable inflection point in history.

Investors are constantly reminded that trying to time the market is a losing proposition. However, traders are all about timing and what is happening to prices at the moment and not in the future. Although curious, traders are not trying to read the future in the mathematical-statistical entrails of technical indicators.

In summary, successful Forex traders will do what they always do: trade price movement, be it up or down. That said, about ten years ago, the World-famous Blue Angels flying team lost all four formation airplanes and their pilots when all four flew into the ground at over 600 mph. The reason for the accident was that three of the planes follow the lead plane without fail. The lead plane had lost control and the others followed their training mandate into the ground. So, if deflation does happen, try not to listen to the popular strategies and end up flying into the ground.

Do not Go Hungry Whether or not the World Falls Apart


The only thing that an individual has to accomplish now to grow all the seeds of alarm in his thoughts about the future regarding the entire world as well as his / her own comfort/safety would be to switch on the tv or maybe get an e boodystopiank. It seems as though every other Television show, as well as a good quantity of textbooks and films nowadays just about all indicate the most popular concept of the culture which is out of control, either from its very own behavior or maybe through predicaments beyond its management. Vampires, space aliens, disaster, ailment, nuclear after effects – take whatever one you want! Any way you consider it, it will be a very long time before life finally returns to how it was, in the event it ever does. So, should this ever happen in the actual world … what’s a gentleman to accomplish? And more critical of just about all, what is there to nibble on?

It really is apt to be a sad morning for people exactly who didn’t put together themselves just for this situation. Individuals who did are not likely to choose to share, plus the grocery stores will likely run out of foodstuff quickly. Based upon your circumstance, the particular harvesting might have been ruined, vehicles disturbed … there won’t be any guarantees that daily life will EVER get back to normal. Fortunately, however, there’s something that people can perform currently, these days, so as to be prepared with meals to eat for a snack if and when these doomsday circumstances actually play out in real life. The perfect solution is to acquire and also store dishes upfront from food4patriots. Food for patriots is a business which in fact had the particular foresight to understand this need to be well prepared, along with which often did one thing about it, not just for their own reasons, but in addition for individuals like you. Up to now they have distributed in excess of 13 million meals in their emergency food kits, which range from 72 hour products to sets that offer adequate food items for several months.

Much thought and also organizing went into the creation along with product packaging of most of these ration kits. First of all, they are all scored to be able to keep for up to Two-and-a-half decades, consequently don’t worry about it if your tragedy you you often fear does not happen for a while … any conditions will certainly still be generally there, always be secure to eat, and is well prepared within Something like 20 minutes with the addition of just boiling normal water. Taste, nutrition and range have all recently been considered … even when you’re in emergency mode, you won’t want to have to dine on the very same meals each day. Food is freeze dried as well as conveniently tied in inside light in weight, waterproofed mylar totes. Don’t have any anxieties in regards to what you may consume … your menu contains everything from Apple Orchard Oatmeal to Creamy Chicken Alfredo. For a more total description on the dishes, observe this particular video:

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