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Wedding gift suggestions

Make your bachelor buddy, tying the knot this year, feel special using a bottle of French “Blason de Bourgogne” wine. Similarly, a solitaire set from Tiffany’s is a women’s “best friend” for wedding. Wedding present suggestions ought to invariably stand the test of time! A gorgeous porcelain vase, a piece of Japanese calligraphy art, antique lampshades and furniture’s are all attractive wedding gifts that you could decide.

Major Wedding gifts for Her

Weddings will be aptly termed as “bride pampering” time. We have listed beneath couple of desirable bridal gifts.
1. Garnet Jewelry set
Identified as the stone for really like, harmony and marriage, a garnet jewelry set is definitely an great wedding gift for brides. You can actually go in for ethnic or modern garnet neckpieces and rings. Lately you also get uncommon designs in Peruvian garnet jewelry. Handful of eminent brands to bag right here are “Macy’s”, “Mytreasurez” and “Julie Antronu”!

2. Diamond Jewelry
No wedding is total without that dazzling diamond that sits quaintly around the bride’s ring finger. Coast Diamonds, De Beers and Tiffany’s are known for designer diamond pendants, ear rings, cocktail jewelry, bracelets and broaches.

3. Wedding Perfumes
Try to remember the scene from “Scent of a woman”, where Al Pacino could guess the fragrance Donna was sporting! The scent of a lady certainly will be the crucial to her charm and elegance. On her wedding, present her perfumes from Estee Lauder, Chanel Cristalle, Christian Dior and J’adore.

Best Wedding gifts for Him

We once more come back to your bachelor friend or cousin tying the knot. This can be the time when a bridegroom is stated to be most apprehensive yet pleased. Make his day special with the following wedding gifts for men.
1. Cufflinks
Guys really like to look distinguished with their accessories. Enable him to flaunt his style by gifting him the right cufflinks from Francois LeBlanc and Montblanc.

2. Watches
Pretty much all men have a fetish for watches. Get the newest trendy “chrono watches” with interesting dials. The ideal brands are Rolex, Tommy Hilfiger Stand Collar, Rado, Swatch, Reebok and Adidas.

3. Men’s Wallet
Be it a pal, brother or colleague, a wallet is certainly going to be a excellent gift for the bridegroom. You can get classy and budget friendly men’s wallet from Tommy Hilfiger USA, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta.

Attractive wedding gift concepts add a specific spark to the celebrations!

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